Pastor Alice Shirey

Alice Shirey is, at heart, a teacher. She loves reading Scripture and making it come alive in people’s hearts and minds. She is a voracious reader and finds great joy in sharing everything she is learning with anyone who will listen. Alice has been teaching and preaching for the past 20+ years and is so happy to have landed at Westminster Presbyterian Church as the teaching associate. She looks forward to serving this amazing congregation for years to come.

Alice’s husband Chuck is a child of this church and loves working and serving alongside Alice. They have been married for over 35 years. Their three grown children are their pride and joy and are spread all across the country. Hannah is a lawyer in Long Beach, CA, Tracy is a doctor in Atlanta, GA and William is a lawyer in Chicago. Chuck and Alice are well-covered if they ever face legal or medical issues!

In her spare time, you will find Alice reading, hiking, doing hot yoga, planning a trip to see her kids, cooking up some yummy vegetarian food or laughing. These are some of her favorite things.