Summer Book Club

We know what it means to do good. But in today’s tense and complex world, when topics like political issues, theology, and current events so often divide us, how do we say good? God calls us to speak truth into our communities and relationships, but we all struggle to know when to speak up. We feel intimidated even as we long to engage controversy and division with ease and conviction. How can we know what to say―and when?

Join us this summer as we read and discuss Say Good by Ashlee Eiland and tackle the question of how and when to use our voice. The Say Good book club will be led by Jonny and/or Alice and meet twice a month throughout the summer from 6:30-8 PM. In-person meetings will be on Wednesday nights, Zoom meetings will happen on Thursday nights.

In Person (6:30-8 PM):
Wed. 6/5
Wed. 6/19
Wed. 7/10
Wed. 7/24
Wed. 8/7
Wed. 8/21

Zoom (6:30-8 PM):
Thu. 6/6
Thu. 6/20
Thu. 7/11
Thu. 7/25
Thu. 8/8
Thu. 8/22

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