Day 3: Go Beyond with Kindness

Today is our final day voyagers!  I hope you are ready for your last mission.  We are going to be exploring the element of Kindness.  We will learn about a man called the Good Samaritan who is the central character in one of the most famous stories Jesus ever told.  You’ll also get to make a robot picture and create a galaxy in a bottle.  Good luck out there! *Home Supplies needed for today: water, scissors


Learn about your mission with Commander Dan, EP3-20 and our Music Officers.

Bible Story: The Good Samaritan

This story can be found in the Bible in Luke 10:25-37. Also look for it in your Story Bible’s table of contents.

Craft – Foam Robot Pictures

Supplies: they may vary from packet to packet but they’ll include construction paper, foil, and fun textured or shiny paper. You’ll also need *scissors from home to cut them up. We intentionally sent lots of materials to make the robot collage, plus additional collages. Keep creating if you want!

Brain Break.

Get up. Stretch. Move.

Science Experiment – Galaxy in a bottle

Don't have a take-home kit? See the detailed measurements at the bottom of the page!

Supplies: bottle with oil, small container of dish soap, and glitter. You’ll need to locate a *water source. Tip for parents: To be extra secure once the project is complete, consider taking off the lid, putting a little glue along the bottle’s rim and reclosing it.

Music & Closing Skit

Time to say goodbye.  Finish VBS with Commander Dan, EP3-20 and the Music Officers.

DIY galaxy in a bottle

6-8 oz. clear disposable water bottle, ¼ cup vegetable oil, 1 Tbsp. dish soap, 1 tsp. glitter, water.  If a larger bottle is used just increase the amounts to fill it up.