Our Affiliation with the Presbyterian Church (USA)

The Presbyterian Church (USA) traces its roots to the 16th century Protestant Reformation. At a time in history when church abuses were widespread, John Calvin and the other Reformers focused on faith in God through Jesus Christ alone, putting the Bible in the hands of all people, and God’s grace. We’re part of what is called “the Reformed tradition.”

We believe that the good news of the Gospel is that the triune God – God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit – creates, redeems, and sustains us. A personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ can transform all people. The Presbyterian Church (USA) encourages its members to both learn about, and experience, God’s self-revelation through Jesus Christ. The Old Testament helps us understand God’s Creation and desire for a mutually loving relationship with all people. It also helps us understand the historical and cultural context into which Jesus was born. Jesus of Nazareth and the power of the Resurrected Christ are all encountered through the pages of the New Testament. At Westminster, we’re each encouraged to be committed, thoughtful Christian disciples with the understanding that good people of strong faith can and do differ.

As Presbyterians, we believe that:

  • Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church
  • The Great Ends of the Church are:
  1. The proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of humankind
  2. The shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship of the children of God
  3. The maintenance of divine worship
  4. The preservation of the truth
  5. The promotion of social righteousness
  6. The exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world
  • The sovereignty of God is the starting point of all good theology.
  • We’re each part of the priesthood of all believers.
  • We are saved through God’s grace, not our own efforts.
  • Our lives are therefore lived in grateful response for all that God/Jesus has first done for us.

For more information about the Presbyterian Church (USA), please go to our denominational website as www.pcusa.org. You may wish to then clink on the General Assembly Mission Council to learn more. We are also a part of the Northeast Iowa Presbytery http://www.presbynciowa.org/