Opportunities for Giving at Westminster

To encourage your financial support of the ministries of Westminster, you can now give online. This can include your regular support of the operating budget, a capital campaign gift, and per capita payments.

We also offer e-giving where your support can be deducted on a weekly or monthly basis from your bank account. If you are interested in signing up for e-giving click here to download the e-giving information and sign up form.

General Donations, Tithes, and Offerings


Capital Campaign Donations


Per Capita

Our congregation pays an annual amount of money, per church member, to our presbytery.  The per capita amount requested of Westminster is a combined total of requests from the presbytery, the synod in which our presbytery is located and the General Assembly, based upon the respective budgets of these organizations for the coming year.  For 2024 the per capita represents $43.30 for each man, woman and child who is a confirmed member of the church.  If you have not paid your per capita amount for this year, please prayerfully consider doing so as this will help reduce the need from the church’s general budget.  Thank you. If you would like to pay your per capita online you may do so below.

Per Capita


Pay Online

Our Giving Kiosk

Our Giving and Event Registration Kiosk is available to make it easy for you to purchase scrip cards, tickets for upcoming events, and make donations.  The Kiosk is located in the Welcome Center.

Westminster's Scrip Program

SCRIP is a program where the church purchases prepaid gift cards at a discount (ranging from 1.25-16%) and then sells them at face value. The discount goes into an account that can be used for a variety of uses based upon the church's needs. Gift cards can be used to give as gifts, to make everyday purchases, or to help maintain your monthly budget. We offer quite a variety including gas, grocery, restaurants, movie theater, clothing, crafts, home improvement, sports, car repair, Visa and SO much more. If you purchase one $25.00 gift card each month for a year, you could raise $20.00 for the church. For 300 members to make that commitment could mean $6,000.00 for 1 year. Think of the possibilities! The SCRIP table is open the first Sunday of the month in the Welcome Center. SCRIP is also available in the office Monday-Friday. Click HERE for the current scrip list.  Fill it out and bring it with you on Sunday mornings to have your order filled. Cards that we do not have available can be ordered for you. Don't forget to share this opportunity with friends and family- the more the merrier! If you have any questions or would like to special order cards, please reach out to our Scrip Coordinator Sarah Hellman at sari@cfu.net or contact the church office.