Pastor Jonathan Craig

Jonathan (Jonny) Craig has been a pastor for 12 years and cares deeply about making everyone feel welcome and wanted. He loves breaking down how the Bible and theology intersect with our real, everyday lives. As a pastor, he’s energized by learning alongside the people he gets to serve. In his ministry, he has served everyone from kids and families to singles and seniors – and everyone in between. Jonny is at home when he’s around people – sharing meals, learning others’ stories, and being with them at some of the most important moments of their lives.

Jonny is a graduate of Drake University where he studied Law and Bethel Seminary. He and his wife Kayla recently moved from Des Moines back to their hometown of Waterloo to be closer to family, connect to a closer-knit community, and put down roots. Together, Jonny and Kayla have four children (Joseph, 12; Asher, 9; Eliza, 6; Abram, 6) and their wonderful, loud family has been knit together through birth and adoption. He hopes to be a dad who models empathy, curiosity, and compassion – and to raise his kids to honor the inherent value and dignity in all people. Jonny and Kayla recently celebrated their 15th anniversary. (They were married at Westminster!)

When he’s not building Legos with his kids or going on walks with his family (and two dogs), you can find Jonny working to restore his 115-year-old historic home in the Highland neighborhood and baking sourdough bread for friends and family.