Day 1: Go Beyond with Faith!

Today our adventure will be to explore the element of faith.  To do that you will learn about a man named Daniel who had incredible faith in God.  You will also get a lesson in drawing lions, and making volcanos.  Have an explosive time!! *Home Supplies needed for today: A baking pan with sides, water.


Join Commander Dan, EP3-20 and our Music Officers

Bible Story

Bible Story: Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

If you want to read the story you can find it in your Bibles in the book of Daniel, chapter 6.  Or look for the story in the contents of your kids Bible.

Craft- Chalk Lions

Supplies: Sidewalk chalk.

To find lot of draw-along projects for kids, check out the You Tube channel, “Art for Kids Hub”. You can extend the sidewalk chalk fun or make additional drawings on paper.

Brain Break

Watch, and get moving!









Science Experiments – Volcano & Moving Arrow

Don't have a take-home kit? See the detailed measurements at the bottom of the page!

Volcano supplies: clear cup, *baking pan, baking soda, glitter, vinegar

Moving Arrow supplies: clear cup, *water, marker, piece of paper

Music & Closing Skit

Finish the Day with Commander Dan, EP3-20 and the Music Officers.

DIY Volcano Supplies

cup/vase, Pan with sides, 3 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp glitter, 1 cup vinegar