Prayer is the foundation of life at Westminster. God created all of us to live in a loving relationship with Him. Speaking and hearing, communicating and loving, are at the very heart of God. At Westminster, we encourage everyone to pray corporately in worship and activities, as well as individually throughout daily life. To support this conviction we offer special prayer opportunities.

Centering Prayer

Contact Bonnie Smith Davis at 230-2165, 

Prayer Chain

The Westminster Prayer Chain unites all who are willing to pray for our members, friends, and anyone in need. Prayer requests may be emailed to Office Manager Jodi Dieken at If you are not presently on the email Westminster Prayer Chain as a praying participant, please send your request to be added to Jodi. If you have a prayer request but don’t have e-mail, please contact the church office at 234-5501.

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is part of the ancient tradition of “walking one’s prayers.” The most famous Labyrinth remaining today is at Chartres Cathedral near Paris. The Westminster Labyrinth is an inlaid tile labyrinth with a modified Chartres design with eastern orientation.

A labyrinth is walked/prayed in three stages:
Releasing: You begin your walk by shedding the details of your life, ridding yourself of distractions, opening your heart and quieting your mind.

Receiving: As you walk toward the center, you will open your mind and heart to the Holy Spirit. As concerns or thoughts arrive, pause and offer them to God. When you arrive at the center (the Rosette), you can kneel at the cross, sit in a chair or stand as long as you desire.

Returning: As you follow the path back to the beginning, allow yourself to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to claim the insight, strength and comfort you have received.