Change to Facemask Guidelines - May, 2021

Session has voted to follow CDC public spaces guidelines for indoor gatherings, beginning Sunday, May 30, 2021.  All participants in worship are encouraged to follow their individual safety plans to make in-person worship a safer experience for them and their friends and family.  The CDC guidelines include:

  1. Fully vaccinated individuals may choose to worship mask-free
  2. Those individuals not fully vaccinated (including children) are encouraged to continue wearing masks or practice social distancing for their personal safety
  3. Congregational seating will continue to be in socially distanced pods
  4. The congregation will be able to sing as they are comfortable, masked and unmasked

These guidelines also apply to all meetings and events held within our Church and are effective immediately.

Please be mindful that there are a variety of reasons that people may still be wearing masks that we all need to be respectful of – people may have an autoimmune disease, may have unvaccinated children at home, may have high-risk loved ones, etc., so it is important we respect others’ choices and continue to do the right thing to protect our communities.  Please do not ask anyone why they are wearing a mask.

Session continues to prayerfully and mindfully make decisions for safe worship, Christian education, and social experiences here at Westminster. Again, each of you should make your own best decisions about the manner and level of protection you use while at church.

Live streaming of services will continue for those of you who choose that mode for worship.

Thank you,